about us

Hi, I’m Simon Dunkley and with my great friend Steve Foster, we are Mark and Bobs Pie Dads and we spend most of our time trying to keep them on the straight and narrow. Together we all spend every waking hour trying to deliver my Grandfathers dream of creating the best pie company in the world!

We are proud to say that here at Dunkleys we are one of the oldest, family owned pie makers in Britain today. Simon merged the pie dynasty with another famous local pie making family, the Fosters, to create the current company which has the passion of two great pie making families.

We have built our success around the following simple philosophies:

We only use the finest ingredients, from fresh British Farm Assured Beef, to fresh vegetables roasted in our own pie ovens.

We use hands, not machines, so that no two pies are ever quite the same.

We only create pies that we love!

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